Operation and equipment

On the basis of many years-experiences and the need to implement professional approach and processing of high and professional sports competitions, we have developed our own programs that include: 

Electronic time measurement with professional equipment and processing of results at competitions

It includes:

  • Time measurement at individual starting events by means of starting points, photocells, associated communication equipment, time displays
  • Time measurement at competitions with parallel start
  • Time measurement at competitions with group start
  • Time measurment of intermediate times, circles, …
  • Measuring time according to “daily time”
  • Time measurement at autosport competitions:
  • Time measurement at hill-climb races
  • Time measurment at competitions with parallel start
  • Time measurements at rally competitions:
  • at time controls: start, finish, service parks, regrouping
  • at speed ​​tests: start SS, finish SS, during the SS

We have ability to monitor all results in every part of the live competition – LIVE TIMING

Time displays

  • Monitoring times and current rankings of competitors on the 5, 7 or 9 segment display (LED)
  • Up-to-date display of the first three competitors at the competition (LED)
  • Display boards (LED)
  • Start clocks

Organization of sports competitions

  • Providing services in professional sport
  • Providing services in recreational sport
  • Competitions of sports clubs, sports associations, organizations
  • Trade union competitions

Sports Technology and Informatics

  • Wireless voice and signal transmission using full duplex technology
  • Wireless voice transfer using simplex technology
  • Wireless data transfer at the measuring system – computer (- display)
  • Wireless data transfer via mobile networks (VPN connections)
  • On-line presentation of results, link to Facebook, Twitter
  • Scrolling the presentation of results on large screens in the arena of the competition
  • Application for monitoring results via mobile phones
  • GPS tracking